Content Marketing Tips to Sell Them Softly

by Inc.

Tailor your content marketing efforts with these tips from the CEO of a content-discovery platform.

content marketing

Maria Tabaka, small-business advisor, spoke with Outbrain CEO Yaron Galai about some of the most important principles of content marketing. His list of tips will help “ensure your efforts produce quality pieces of content,” instead of “thinly veiled marketing pushes that your readers can see right through.”

Galai starts by advising to never skimp on design, since the look and feel of your site is what “will help your viewers to think of your site as premium.” Skip the hard sell with your content marketing and focus entirely on “educating, entertaining, and delivering value to the customer.” Include a mix of media when producing content, offer links to further content, and throw in “great press coverage or a fantastic review” to “increase your brand’s credibility.” Also, be sure to make sharing a one-click, easy process.