Creation vs. Automation: What’s the Best Approach for Your Content Marketing Strategy?

by Fast Company

Content has never been in higher demand, and thanks to a slew of new tools it’s also never been easier to create. But is there a trade-off between effectiveness and ease? What’s the right ratio for your content marketing strategy?

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“At a time when it is imperative for brands to communicate 24/7, a growing number of tech and media companies make it possible to automate content creation and curation,” writes Christa Carone, CMO of Xerox in this guest post for Fast Company. As an example, Carone mentions The Huffington Post’salgorithm offerings that allows companies to repurpose relevant HuffPo content. The challenge, Carone argues, is striking the right content marketing strategy balance between the simplicity and added capabilities that new tools provide and maintaining that human touch that’s so critical in achieving an authentic and engaging brand voice.

“Algorithms can do amazing things, including suggesting topics of discussion and identifying popular issues that will resonate with a target audience,” Carone writes. “But they can’t put together a style guide, say, that motivates customers to engage regularly and meaningfully with the brand…. The companies that are truly winning over audiences and driving consumers are the ones that are experimenting with a balance of automated aggregation and human-directed curation. It’s a process of out-sourcing and in-sourcing.”

Read Carone’s full post for more thoughts on striking the right balance between in-house content creation and outsourced automation for your own content marketing strategy, as well as a few examples of companies doing it right.