Content Marketing Strategies in 60 Seconds

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There’s a lot more to a content marketing strategy than simply starting a corporate blog. This begs the question: Is your company taking advantage of all the different forms of content creation?


In this series, Content Marketing Institute (CMI) founder Joe Pulizzi provides a collection of short, 60-second primers on some of the most valuable content formats to consider. Browse the vids below for details on everything from blogs to vlogs, e-newsletters to eBooks, and much more. But first, check out this video for Joe’s quick take on what content marketing is really all about.

(Editor’s note: For even more info on the different types of content marketing strategies, check out CMI’s Content Marketing Playbook.)

Content marketing strategies in 60 seconds:

The “cornerstone of content marketing” is also the best place to start for most companies.

Email newsletters are more than just a delivery system; they can also provide you with another channel for generating new content.

Different people consume content in different ways, and podcasts can be an easy way to add some variety to your content strategies.

You don’t need to be Martin Scorsese to create videos that will help take your content efforts to the next level.

Can a tweet really be considered “content”? Sure — if you have a well-thought-out microblogging strategy!

Quality eBooks not only add credibility to your site, but they’re also a great vehicle for adding new subscribers – and potential customers.

Case Studies
You don’t need 200 pages anymore to tell a compelling story, but that doesn’t mean case studies have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Do folks have something nice to say about your company? Turn it into content and get the most value out of that positive feedback.

E-Learning Series
Some topics deserve more than just a simple post. Dig deeper with a running series, and keep your readers coming back for more.

Companies that put on live and on-demand web presentations can create a whole new level of customer engagement.

Think about it for a second, and it’s not hard to figure out what vlogging is all about. But how do you use it?

Photo Sharing
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many new customers does that equal to?

The most popular social media platform is also a hotbed for content marketing. But be careful – in the world of content, not all social media works the same way.

For more content marketing tips and ideas, check out our Content topic page.

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