Content Marketing Strategies: 7 Tips for Your 2013 Game Plan

by Content Marketing Institute

Get your content marketing strategies for next year early. Start planning with seven tips from an expert.

content marketing strategies

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, already has a jump on content marketing strategies for 2013. He’s “dissected his last few presentations and put together seven critical strategies that all marketers need to consider as they head into next year.”

Pulizzi first recommends that you watch “Content 2020” from Coca-Cola before planning your content marketing strategies for the new year. “Coca-Cola has been a marketing leader for a long time,” Pulizzi says, “and here the brand again proves that it is more than qualified to play with the big boys” of content marketing. Next, develop a content marketing mission statement so you have a “clear vision for why [you] are developing the content in the first place.” After that, make sure to keep your content useful and relevant, figure out and answer all of your customers’ questions, and get your employees involved early and often. Read the full post for all of Pulizzi’s tips for content marketing strategies in 2013.