Content Creation Made Easy: Quick Guide and Infographic

by SEOmoz

Content may be king, but not all of it is worthy of the crown. Is there anything you can do to make creating high quality content easier?

John Pring, director and head of SEO at Designbysoap, provides an answer to that question, outlining several procedures you can follow to “minimize the time you spend researching and thinking and maximize the time you spend creating and sharing your content.” For those short on time he’s even supplied a helpful infographic, A Quick Reference Guide to Content Creation, that divides the process of content creation into six steps – research, ideas, placement, creation, publishing, and promotion – and provides helpful tips for each stage.

For those with larger attention spans, Pring also provides a more in-depth walk-through, pausing along the way to point out a variety of extremely helpful tools that will make content creation, publishing, and promotion a whole lot easier. For more, check out his infographic and read the full post here.

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