Confidence, Conviction and Communication: Reinventing Your Startup

by Fast Company

Large enterprises have more to offer startups than most anti-establishment entrepreneurs would like to believe.

For the Apples and Pfizers of the world, most insights come from an understanding of what they are (and aren’t). Too many startups have identity and personality issues. A substantial pivot can take a startup from one thing one day to something entirely different overnight. But big business is slow to change. And despite what some naysayers may think, they do a number of things quite well. Following up on this idea, Emily Heyward of Red Antler, explores some of the concepts startups can borrow from large businesses:

  • Giving feedback: Many people at large corporations are very politically minded. Most of them are far removed from being able to turn around in their Ikea swivel chair and tap their CEO on the shoulder for a question. They know how to be tactful while getting their points across. 
  • Confidence: The confidence employees of a large corporation exude can be palpable. There’s something to be said about knowing that your company, barring an unforeseen and large-scale catastrophe, can not be budged without significant time, money and effort.

Most of these ideas aren’t naturally occurring in young companies. But big business gets it. For more on this topic, read the full article by Heyward.