Competitive Advantage: Why Every Company Should Be Using Scrum

AlexBrown by

In today’s marketplace you have to pursue every possible competitive advantage.

That’s the message Alex Brown, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Owner at Scrum Inc. offers in this short video. Simply put, you must use Scrum if you want to remain competitive.

“We frequently see, once a particular company has started using Scrum in an industry, a flood of that company’s competitors coming to us [for help],” Brown says. They realize that with their competitor now outperforming them in terms of productivity, they have to adopt Scrum — and adopt it successfully — in order to compete.

“Given the benefits of Scrum — Scrum teams are 4x as productive as teams who don’t use Scrum,” Brown says, “it’s very, very difficult to compete in a marketplace where one of your competitors is using Scrum and you aren’t.”