Competitive Advantage – OpenView Forum, July 2008


As a Boston venture capital firm focused on delivering high value to our portfolio companies, we have held many forums. The one I wanted to bring to light was our “Creating Competitive Advantage Forum” in July 2008.

Our main presenter was the one and only Jaynie L. Smith of Smart Advantage. The question she posed right off the bat was: “Why should I buy from you, and not your competitor?”

That question alone is key for our expansion stage portfolio companies. They already have an established product and customer base but lack something in order to take it all to that next level. This forum was intended to get the marketers and sales people to think critically about what their firm’s competitive advantage really is.

We heard from our portfolio companies that this was a very informative and thought provoking forum; time well spent. For a look at the agenda and some of our other events, please check out our website under events.