Company Goals: Push Toward Them Early in 2013

by HBR Blog Network

Take advantage of the new year to get started on achieving company goals and making big changes.

company goals

Ron Ashkenas, managing partner at Schaffer Consulting, outlines the process for jumpstarting your company goals in a post at the HBR Blog Network.

Ashkenas writes that even though only 8% of Americans follow through on their New Year’s resolutions, the beginning of the year is still a great opportunity for change. He offers a few steps that your organization can take to springboard the implementation of changes you need.

First, he says, ask yourself and your team for the one or two “specific shifts” that “would make the biggest difference for the success of” your team or your own career. After that, “engage your team and others in a rapid-cycle, high-energy innovation process” to test ideas for making the change a reality. Ashkenas suggests that what’s important isn’t a careful assessment and game plan. Instead, “push yourself and your team to get something accomplished in the first few weeks of the year.”