Cold-hearted Lead Killers: Three Sales Mistakes to Avoid

by Marketing Profs

Sales reps are the heroes who keep the business running, but sometimes they can be their own worst enemies. Here are three ways they can ensure they bring their leads in alive and not dead.

“Despite their critical contribution to a business, sales reps can get in their own way,” writes Al Davidson in a post for Marketing Profs. “If not careful, they could be turning qualified sales leads into ‘not interested’ responses. Or, they might unwittingly be turning moderately interested prospects into lukewarm business leads.” The three biggest lead killers that can send your sales prospects to an early grave are ignored business intelligence, mismatched expectations, and the dreaded “budget question” popping up too soon, Davidson argues.

How can your sales reps avoid these mistakes? Looking “beyond the immediate urge to conduct appointment-setting and close a deal” will go a long way, Davidson advises. Proper preparation and work to develop an “understanding [of] the broader picture of the prospect’s challenges” will pay off in the form of trust and a stronger relationship. “Remember that the focus of the call needs to be the prospect’s pain, not making this week’s quota.” For more advice on how to avoid sales lead killers, read Davidson’s full post here.

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