Cold Calling Tips: Use Trigger Events to Start Conversations

by Inc.

cold calling tipsWarm up those icy leads with cold calling tips that help you get the conversation going.

Geoffrey James, author and sales blogger at Inc., presents 16 cold calling tips to get the conversation going with “trigger events.” James writes that on cold calls, the conversation happens “only if you get through the customer’s natural reluctance to speak with a a stranger.” The easiest way through that barrier is to “have a reason you’re calling, other than just the fact that you have something to sell,” and James says that the best way to get there is through a trigger event that changes “the way that a potential customer operates its business.”

James lists 16 sample trigger events to help you find inroads into new customers and suggests looking at company press releases for announcements that could be used as triggers. Read the full post and be ready with the latest cold calling tips the next time you pick up your phone.