Coaches: a CEO Lifeline

vickilynn by AVC

Advice Options for New CEOs

Being a great CEO does not come naturally, it takes practice and years of experience. A mentor or coach can help speed the path to greatness. When things get dicey and complex management situations arise, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to call?

According to VC, Fred Wilson, these are the best avenues for getting the guidance you need to grow into a superior CEO:

  • Take an investment from an experienced Venture Capitalist.
  • Bring an experienced, successful CEO (or two) onto your board.
  • Get a CEO coach.

Wherever you find the advice you need, Wilson suggests, “Don’t overdo it.”  Getting advice from too many sources will muck up the message. Find one or two great resources, who know what to do and have done it all before. You will be glad you did!