Child’s Play: Sales Tips You Can Learn from a 9-Year-Old

by Inc.

In a hyperactive world short on attention span and heavy on information, for a sales message to stick, you’ve got to keep things simple.

“One of the great things about 9-year-olds: Like many buyers these days, they lack context,” writes Tom Searcy in a post for Inc. “Any answer that you provide has to be in a language that they can understand.” Searcy uses the example of answering questions from his young daughter to make a point that you can’t always assume your buyer will be familiar with the specifics of your product or what it offers. In order to have a conversation with real impact, you need to be able to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and find a way to put it into a context they can easily relate to.

For more sales tips for getting through to your buyers, read Searcy’s full post here.

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