Chief Dissent Officer: Your Gatekeeper Against Bad Ideas

by Fast Company

Does your company need a chief dissent officer to call out the bad ideas that could drain your resources?

chief dissent officer

Ryan Holiday, author of Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator, writes in Fast Company that your business may need a chief dissent officer to save you “from countless bad ideas, creative darlings, and disasters-in-the-making.”

Holiday defines the chief dissent officer as “an internal gatekeeper against bad ideas.” Since “companies are under increased pressure to roll out more and more new things,” and nowadays we “publish first, think second,” Holiday sees many businesses “making embarrassing blunders.” Holiday says that successful companies have been at this for years. He points to a 2007 case study for the Harvard Business Review that focused on a medical-devices company that “established a system that had a COO in charge of line operations along with a vice chairman of equal power who was responsible for…raising questions about” possible problems. “Every company could use their own dedicated objectionists,” Holiday says, and “it’s time you cultivate yours.”