Checklist for Business Development Representatives

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Welcome to the world of outbound prospecting!

Whether you’re a first-time outbound prospector, or you have been in a role where you were making 100 dials a day, it’s important to review the following checklist to ensure that in your new position, you will generate the maximum number of opportunities possible for the sales team you are supporting.


  • I have been instructed on how to log in and use our CRM platform effectively.
  • My manager has explained the target personas I am calling, and I thoroughly understand both the users’ and the buyers’ characteristics and responsibilities.
  • I have been presented with the definition of an opportunity, as well as the activity goals that I am responsible for achieving on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis.
  • My manager has presented me with collateral and coaching to help me follow the campaign.
  • I have received thorough training in areas such as Product Knowledge, Competitive Landscape/Advantage, Call Scripts, How to Handle Objections, and Role Playing, and have been given supporting materials to help me be successful.
  • I feel confident and comfortable about making calls.
  • My prospects are engaged and interested in our product/services once I have made contact with them.
  • My manager has presented me with the schedule for a “model day for success” and I am following the routine.
  • I understand what it will take to convert leads to opportunities and the process for passing the information along to an account executive.
  • Each week and quarter, my manager and I are constantly checking, reflecting, and reviewing my activities and the response that I am getting from leads in order to continuously improve the initiative.
  • Each day I submit a report to my manager that indicates my activities/successes for the day, and at the end of each week I have a retrospective with my manager to review my progress and discuss successes and impediments.

Next week, I’ll provide a quick start guide for Business Development Representatives.

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