Change Minds: Email Prospecting Success with Redirection

by Inside Sales Experts Blog

email prospectingBoost your email prospecting success by employing this simple, effective tactic: redirection. Reframe the sale based on your prospect’s feedback.

Email prospecting can seem as lonely and fruitless as panning for gold, but sales blogger Matt Bertuzzi at The Bridge Group points to redirection as a powerful tactic to turn more contacts into customers. Bertuzzi relates the story of an email prospecting message he received that showed particular diligence. Bertuzzi responded to the message but politely declined the service. He notes that most email prospecting responses at that point fall into three categories: stop messaging, ignore the objection and push harder, or reframe the objection and teach “the prospect to see something in a new light.” The third method “redirected [his] line of thinking and showed [him] a perspective [he] hadn’t even considered.”