Change Management Plan: How to Innovate Your Sales Strategy and Bring Your Next Big Idea to Life

by Sales Benchmark Index

Driving change is never easy, but great ideas aren’t worth anything unless you can implement them.

There are ways to plan to avoid pitfalls that typically sink new initiatives and suffocate your new ideas,” writes Scott Gruher for the Sales Force Effectiveness Blog. Even changes to sales force structure, which require even more change management attention due to their level of disruption, can be taking from fruition to execution with the right steps and support. Your first challenge is to hone your message and create “overwhelming urgency,” Gruher suggests. “Without a compelling, clear, and consistent message you leave room for doubt. Doubt kills all initiatives,” he writes. Getting the entire sales force clear on the message of the new initiative and urgently headed in the same direction with a purpose will help you build support not just at the top, but from the bottom up.

“You can’t win without successfully driving change and implementing new ideas,” Gruher writes. “Don’t assume others will follow because leadership is onboard. Even the best idea will fail without the proper change management plan.” Read the full post for more tips for developing your own change management plan and bringing your next big sales idea to life.

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