CEO Productivity Tips: “Hacking” More Time into Your Day

by Mashable

If you’re lucky, your startup or expansion-stage company will experience exponential growth in both size and capabilities, but as the CEO you’re always going to be stuck with only 24 hours a day to manage it all.

That’s why it’s important to develop – in the startup spirit – productivity “hacks” in order to get more out of those 24 hours than the competition, argues Ashish Rangnekar, CEO and Co-Founder of BenchPrep. In a guest post for Mashable, Rangnekar provides five hacks for increasing speed and efficiency, including focusing on three priorities a day – making it less likely to lose critical tasks in the fray – limiting your time spent checking and responding to emails to 10 minutes each hour, and make 20-minute meetings the norm.

While these adjustments can make room for more work in your schedule, they should also correspond with the addition of more down-time, as well. “Hacks or no hacks, managing time is a challenging task and it can wear you down quickly,” Rangnekar writes. “Step away for about 40 minutes every five hours to re-energize and regain your focus.” Read Rangnekar’s full post for more tips on how to improve your productivity as a startup CEO.

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