CEO Jack Dorsey’s Square Welcome Kit: Principles & Checklists Rule

by Business Insider

See the welcome kit that Jack Dorsey gives to all new employees of Square.

jack dorsey

Alyson Shontell, editor at Business Insider, writes that when new employees start at Square, the new company run by Jack Dorsey, “they receive a welcome kit” that arrives “in the form of a sleek black box.” The box contains “The Four Corners of Square,” which outlines the principles for the company that include a focus on starting small, collaborating in commons, rounding the square, and crafting the “entire span in a breathtaking way.”

Along with the company’s guiding principles, Jack Dorsey also drops a “Square credit-card swiper, a Field Notes notepad, and a big red book” into the welcome kit that happens to be The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande. Shontell says the book promotes the idea that “a simple checklist can help people manage complex situations.”