Buyer Persona Tool: Start Learning More About Your Customers

by MLT Creative

Identify and track all the variables of your buyer persona with a handy new tool.

buyer persona

Vann Morris, Director of Buying Behavior Studies at MLT Creative, knows that creating the picture of your buyer persona “may be the most difficult” task of all. To help your business identify and reach your buyer persona, she outlines a new tool her company has produced.

“To create the buyer persona,” Morris says, “you need to know smaller details (e.g. your prospect’s age and how long they’ve been in the position) as well as larger ones (e.g. current trends in your prospect’s industry).” MLT Creative’s Up Close & Persona tool “is the first b2b buyer persona tool developed with an industry leader,” and it “helps you think about all these different variables, by asking them in a way that allows your brain to process each discrete category in order to then create the whole.” Try Up Close & Persona to discover and keep track of all the variables that make your customers who they are.