Business Growth Strategy Through Company Culture

by Inc.

Learn five cultural factors that underpin a successful business growth strategy.

Business Growth Strategy Through Company Culture

Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, offers five business growth strategy tips that seem small but deliver big results.

Writing in Inc., Kerpen starts off by briefly describing his company’s growth to over $5 million in sales in five years and points to Likeable Media’s company culture as being the most important factor in its success. From there, he outlines the five cultural aspects that he says were instrumental in his business growth strategy.

First, he says, empower your employees to contribute to company-wide decisions with forums that allow them to voice their opinions on a range of different topics. Next, build thought leadership by encouraging “every employee to write” for your company’s daily blog, and award a “blog-of-the-month bonus to an employee who wrote an exceptional post.”

Read the rest of Kerpen’s tips and start shifting your own company culture to encourage growth.