Business Growth Strategy: Are You Suffering from Short-Term-Itis?

by Inc.

Consider one investor’s take on business growth strategy: focus on the long-term vision, not short-term goals.

business growth strategy

Abigail Tracy of Inc. spoke with Satori Capital co-founder Sunny Vanderback about developing a successful business growth strategy that takes the long view over a concentration on the short term.

“A sustainable company focuses on creating value for each stakeholder,” Vanderback says, and “these companies consistently attempt to determine what stakeholders want and need” and then work to meet those goals. He’s concerned that too many of today’s companies fall victim to “short-term-itis,” which he defines as “an overemphasis on short-term results often at the expense of a company’s longer-term best interest.”

By focusing too much on short-term results, Vanderback warns that you could “adversely impact the company’s relationships with key stakeholders.” Vanderback covers a range of other topics in his interview with Tracy, including balancing stakeholders’ goals with your vision for the company and determining how much funding your company needs.