Business Development Strategy: 3 Keys & Why You Need an API Strategy

by Grovo

Learn the three key elements of a successful business development strategy and the importance of having your own API to increase your chances of landing partners.

Alex Taub, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Dwolla, speaks about business development strategy and the power of the API in one segment of Grovo’s “The Expert Series.” Taub says that business development strategy can be broken down into three main parts: building and maintaining relationships, developing the marketing side of it, and, most important to Taub, “finding the point of sale and repeating it as much as possible.”

Thanks to the emergence of APIs, the point of sale is much easier to reach, as developers no longer have to spend significant time determining how to integrate different software and platforms. What it comes down to, Taub says, is that “if you improve my product, or if you grow my user base…then there’s a high probability that I’m going to want to use your API or I’m going to want to work with you.”