Two Free Must-Have Sales Tools: Our Business Development Compensation Calculator and SalesLoft’s "Email Guesser"

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Earlier this year, my teammate, Ori Yankelev, wrote a very popular article about calculating compensation for business development reps (BDRs). In the final paragraph of this post he wrote that if you were interested in seeing OpenView’s excel template for calculating compensation, he’d email it to anyone that reached out to him. What a guy.

Ori Yankelev

Well, you may, or may not have heard — our dear friend Ori has left OpenView to travel the world for a year or so.

In his absence, many people have reached out to Ori through his blog and other channels, looking for access to this tool that he promised in his post. Well friends, it’s your lucky day — you can now access the calculator by clicking below.

Free Sales Tool #1: Our Business Development Compensation Calculator

I also recommend that you revisit his original article because it’s really helpful when thinking about compensation for BDR hires. Still want more info on compensation structure? Here is another great article on creating a sales compensation model that is also worth checking out.

Free Sales Tool #2: SalesLoft’s “Email Guesser”

Another tool that you should start putting to use is SalesLoft’s “Email Guesser” spreadsheet. If you happened to miss our webinar on 6 Free Prospecting Tools with SalesLoft CEO Kyle Porter, I won’t hold it against you. In fact, we recorded the session so you can check it out here!

When Kyle kicked off the webinar talking about the benefits of using Rapportive when prospecting, he mentioned a spreadsheet that he and his team developed to help sales reps develop all variations of a prospect’s email address — 47 variations to be exact!

Once you’ve got your email variations, you can use your Rapportive tool (a Gmail plug-in that shows you everything about your contacts from INSIDE your inbox) to see which of those 47 email address variations is the RIGHT email. Here’s what the spreadsheet looks like — yellow being your inputs, green being the outputs.

Sample Results Using Email Builder Tool

Kyle’s the man, so naturally he shared the “Email Guesser” spreadsheet with us, and now we can share it with you, too! Just click the link, go to File –> Make a copy…

Prospectors: no longer do you have to send an email to an address or two (with one address bcc’d), wait for a bounce back, send another email, wait for the bounce back… and so on and so forth. With one fell swoop you can get YOUR message in front of YOUR prospect without fail on the first attempt. Kyle writes more about this in an article from earlier this year, Find Email Addresses Using Rapportive.

I hope these tools are helpful! Know of any others? Please share your feedback below.