Stop Blogging “Nice” and Start Getting Real Results

by Convince & Convert

When it comes to corporate blogging, good intentions won’t get you anywhere if you don’t have focus and intent.

More and more brands are getting on board with content marketing, writing, editing, and posting fresh content on their sites and company blogs. As Andy Cresodina, Strategic Director of Orbit Media, writes in a guest post for Convince & Convert, puts it, “That’s nice.”

Cresodina’s problem with this outpouring of content is that far too much of it is more or less random and focused on the writer, not the reader. “Was it what the audience needed? Does it relate to other content? …or is it just another post within a series of posts, about as organized as a Twitter stream?” Cresodina writes.

In order to turn from random posting to delivering useful content that informs, engages, and moves your audience along in the buying process, Cresodina suggests aligning posts with the sales process — in other words, delivering content that addresses buyers’ needs and questions at each stage of the decision-making process — and blog with the goal of re-purposing individual posts into larger resources — such as an eBook — always keeping the bigger picture in mind. Read Cresodina’s full post for more on how you can stop blogging “nice” and start getting real content marketing results.

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