Building Brand Awareness without Big Bucks: 8 Tips

by Mashable

building brand awarenessRead eight tips for building brand awareness on even the tightest budget.

Lauren Drell, Campaigns Editor at Mashable, presents eight tips for building brand awareness on a tight budget. “All the free social media tools are a great start,” Drell writes, “but there’s more you can do to make an impression.” Drell starts with “killer customer service,” inviting companies to turn negative experiences to your advantage as customers tell friends about how your business saved the day despite an initial bungle. Next, Drell recommends making a splash with a low-budget viral video, partnering with other brands, trying to get the attention a few big players in your space, or even crowdsourcing contests for getting your name out there. Read the post for the full rundown of all eight tips for building brand awareness and see how much traction is possible with even the most limited budget.