Labcast: All About Boards of Directors: Building a High-Performance Team

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In this week’s Labcast, OpenView Venture Partner, Firas Raouf, discusses the keys to building effective boards of directors with Pascal Levensohn, Managing Partner at Levensohn Venture Partners.

Building Boards of Directors

Great boards of directors are high-performance teams capable of helping companies by bringing critical corporate guidance, industry knowledge, access to important networks, and much-needed executive experience.

CEOs who are able to effectively recruit, assemble, and manage a value-adding board of directors will find that they have a trusted team of advisors to help them with critical tasks like strategy development and goal setting, executive recruiting and talent management, and strategic relationship building and market research.

In this first podcast of a two-part series, Raouf and Levensohn — one of the primary authors of a seminal white paper about boards of directors entitled, “A Simple Guide to The Basic Responsibilities of VC-Backed Company Directors” — talk about basic best practices for boards of directors and how to set them up to be successful, high-performance teams. Specifically, their conversation focuses on the:

  • Value of having a board of directors
  • Ideal profile of board members
  • Best practices for engaging board members
  • Separation of the CEO role from chairman role
  • Common complaints that board members have about their CEO
  • Role of the independent board member and how CEOs should use them to create more balance on their boards
  • Best time to establish a formal board of directors

Listen to the full podcast by clicking the link below.

Labcast 99_ Firas Raouf Interviews Pascal Levensohn About Board of Directors Best Practices

This week’s Labcast is Part I of the conversation between Firas Raouf and Pascal Levensohn. Click here for Part II: How to Run Effective Board Meetings.

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