Does Building an Outbound Lead Generation Team Makes Sense for Your Company?

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It’s true that building an outbound lead generation team can be a boon for your sales, but make sure you’re setting it up for success from the start.

Looking to add a spark to your sales process? Building an outbound lead generation team can be a great place to start if you take the time to properly plan it out. That’s why Devon McDonald, Director of Sales and Marketing Support at OpenView, says you need to take the time to consider these 3 questions before you begin to assemble the team.

It starts with looking at your customers, explains McDonald. Specifically, do you understand your segment, and can you communicate who your buyers are via profiles? It’s also crucial to make sure someone in your organization truly takes ownership of the team. Watch the video to learn more and download the new OpenView eBook, Get More Customers! How to Build an Outbound B2B Lead Generation Team that Drives Sales

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