Build Buyer Consensus, Close More Deals

by The Sales Blog

Aside from examples involving very small companies, most sales deals will require you to win the affinity of multiple stakeholders.

The purpose of this is to build buyer consensus and eventually attain approval to close a deal, explains sales coach S. Anthony Iannarino in a recent article. With most companies, you can expect multiple decision-makers. All of the decisions may not be weighed the same, but faltering with any of the stakeholders could become a critical hindrance, he writes.

To meet the needs of all the involved parties, you’ll need to demonstrate the benefits of your offering, Iannarino adds. It’s difficult to deny the merits of a deal when the payoff is plainly obvious. Iannarino also suggests taking an individual approach to building a consensus — don’t try to please everybody at once.

Another great choice for building consensus? Offer customized options. Usually, with multiple parties involved, this will add much-needed flexibility to the deal-brokering process, he explains.

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