Bring Your ‘A’ Game: Tips for Managing Changes with Your Top Sales Reps

by Sales Benchmark Index

It’s typical for many sales managers to spend less time with their ‘A’ players, preferring instead to provide help to the reps who they think need it most. They shouldn’t be surprised when their MVPs start next season playing for a different team.

“Your best sales people are being recruited away daily,” writes Dan Perry in a post for the Sales Force Effectiveness Blog. “You need to retain these people and help them increase their productivity even more.” Part of the problem, Perry suggests, is that ‘A’ players don’t usually react well to change – after all, they’ve done well under the current system – and they often more or less want to be left alone. But even the habits of the best salespeople won’t keep them at the top for long if they aren’t open to adapting for change.

“Customizing an individual change management plan for each ‘A’ player will allow that individual to understand and adopt the process, system or change,” writes Perry. “If you try and slam the person into the overall system, you might get a resignation email from them shortly.” Checking in with them regularly is vitally important. “They think they really don’t need you. And they will tell you everything is great,” Perry advises. “‘No worries, boss’ is a phrase I hear a lot. Don’t buy it for a second.”

For more on how to ensure your ‘A’ players stay on top of their games – and playing for your team, read the full post here.

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