Breaking Down the Steps to Content Curation

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Content marketers struggling to find time to write can reduce their workload through content curation.

The idea behind content curation is simple: aggregate relevant posts and repurpose them for your needs. Still, some marketers struggle with the idea because they don’t understand how to utilize outside content for their gain. So long as you’re abiding by the guidelines set forth by the original authors and sites, you should feel free to adapt the content to your needs, says brand and content strategist Margot Bloomstein.

It’s not about hoarding content indiscriminately, says Bloomstein. You have to have goals in mind from the outset. Not every bit of content you come across will be relevant to your audience, either. The content curation process is intended to determine what is and isn’t important, in addition to what your readers want to see. Then, it’s your job to get that content in front of them. For more on this topic, watch the video from OpenView Labs.

Brand and Content Strategy Consultant