Brand Marketing Lessons from the 2012 Presidential Campaign

by VentureBeat

Take five brand marketing cues from the 2012 presidential campaign.

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Corey Christiansen, Social Media Strategist for Metia, offers five brand marketing lessons that companies can learn from the 2012 presidential campaign in a guest post at VentureBeat.

“In an age where content is king,” Christiansen writes, “just having fans and followers isn’t enough.” Instead, he recommends that brands know their audience, their preferred method of communication, and what they’re most likely to share. Next, drawing upon Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” debate comment, Christiansen recommends that you “think of ways to tap into the passion of your followers or fans in the social media realm by using a simple catch phrase or hashtag that can be easily shared within your social media channels and include those in your ads.” He also suggests having loyal brand advocates on hand to counter critics and trolls while constantly engaging with the community that you’re building. Read the complete post to see what brand marketing lessons you can take away from the Romney and Obama campaigns.