Brand Marketing and Big Data: Are You Ready for Marketing’s New Era?

Josh Z by Branding Strategy Insider

Big Data is here to stay, and it’s creating significant brand marketing opportunities for savvy marketers. Are you prepared to embrace it?

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In a guest post for Branding Strategy Insider, J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman of the The Futures Company, writes that like Noah and The Flood, marketing insiders and media types alike have been foretelling the era of Big Data for some time now. Yet, as it relates to brand marketing, few B2B marketers seem to really understand it and even fewer seem to be embracing it effectively.

One  reason for that misunderstanding and misuse, Smith says, is a common misconception that consumers aren’t prepared or willing to manage the Big Data deluge. The reality, however, is that “people are smart information consumers,” and they have an increasingly large toolbox available to them to process and digest Big Data. So, while critics are lamenting data saturation, Smith writes that “consumers are busily siphoning off useful data flows and putting them to use.” As Smith puts it, that could create a big brand marketing opportunity for marketers that find ways to help consumers “better engage with Big Data.”