Brand Content, Red Bull-Style

by Digiday

Create the kind of brand content that scored Red Bull millions of new fans, followers, and viewers.

brand content

Brian Morrissey, Editor-in-Chief of Digiday, writes that thanks to their unique style of brand content and their latest stunt involving the skydive from the “edge of space,” the entire marketing world is waking up “with Red Bull envy.”

“You can imagine how many brands will look at” the skydiving stunt “and ask their agencies to ‘get me one of those,'” but Morrissey claims that it’s “easier said than done.” Still, he presents a list of ways to create the kind of brand content that gets noticed. Start by focusing on what works and creating “content at the center” that you know a huge segment of your audience will appreciate. After that, always stay on brand, even as you balance your company’s familiar message with your more creative ideas. And, as always, be sure to take risks when you’re planning your new brand content – as long as those risks keep you within your core message.