Brand-Aid: 9 Lessons to Learn from Branding Gone Wrong

by Inc.

The only thing better than learning from your own mistakes is learning from the mistakes of others. When it comes to branding, leave the failure to someone else.

Believe it or not, not all marketers are perfect. Sometimes in the rush to establish a brand they get caught up in the excitement and overlook flaws in their campaigns that could have been avoided, and as a result products — and in some cases entire companies – with potentially bright futures have found themselves facing early retirement.

Luckily for us, there are lessons to be gleaned from the misfortune of others, and the kind, opportunistic folks at Inc. have keenly been keeping track. Check out their “Top 9 Brand Blunders of All Time” slideshow – highlights include Gap’s logo redesign disaster and Panasonic’s short-lived touch-screen device named “The Woody”) to indulge in a little good-natured schadenfreude. You might even learn something, too.

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