The Key to Highly Effective Board of Directors Meetings

by AVC

Regularly scheduled board meetings are the easiest way to ensure that a board of directors is functioning effectively.

board of directors

A board that doesn’t meet regularly enough is certain to have deficiencies. The converse is also true. Meeting too frequently — especially when there isn’t any news to report — can make a board feel like it’s just spinning its tires. That’s why scheduling board of directors meetings can be tricky. Fortunately, VC Fred Wilson shares some scheduling tips in a recent post on his blog.

Wilson believes that scheduling needs to be company-appropriate, given the stage the business is in. A startup board may not need to meet as frequently as a board for a more established company. Wilson also mentions that scheduling is only one part of the equation. Make sure board members are prepared by sending itineraries in advance of the meetings. For more on board of directors meeting schedules, read the full article by Wilson.

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