A Great Blog Post in Less Than 2 Hours: Write Faster and Smarter

by Quicksprout

Learn the process for writing an informative blog post in less than two hours that readers will want to share.

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Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg, outlines the process that he uses to write a blog post in less than two hours.

“Blogging can be a chore,” Patel says, “so first and foremost, pick a topic you are passionate about.” Next, “create a list of all of the popular blogs in that space” by looking at blog aggregators like Technorati. Cruise through your list of blogs every week to find the posts that are getting shared the most, and you now have a list of blog post topics. Once you choose one, create a title and keep spinning different iterations of it until you have it tailored just the way you want it. Outline the main points that you want to cover in your blog post, fill in the details, and then tweak it until it reads smoothly and gets all of your points across. After that, post, share, and watch the pageviews start mounting.