Best State for Entrepreneurs Goes to Massachusetts

by BostInno

Massachusetts was just named the best state for entrepreneurs. How did your state rank?

best state for entrepreneurs

Walter Frick, Business Editor at BostInno, writes that according to the latest University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s entrepreneurial-climate rankings, Massachusetts is the best state for entrepreneurs.

The rankings are “based on five indicators: business growth (per capita and as a percentage), business formation, patents per capita, and income per proprietor.”

Frick notes that the rankings are based on data from last year, when “Massachusetts excelled in business growth, patents, and income,” and that “revisions to last year’s data also put the state in the top spot for 2010.” Surprisingly, despite Massachusetts earning the best state for entrepreneurs, it was only 29th in the nation for business formation. “Massachusetts is a great place to run a business,” Frick writes, “but not that many get started here.”