Best Practice Process: Managing (and Investing) on Global Scale

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OpenView Venture Partners
, one of the top venture capital firms based in Boston, invests in companies globally — not just on a national-scale as many of our competitors choose to do. In addition to offering a healthy growth capital investment, one of the key reasons that the international expansion stage companies in our portfolio were initially drawn to our firm was because we would be able to provide operational support to their teams, enabling them to expand into the US market.

When working with International companies, some obvious obstacles arise: time differences, communication style differences between management teams, and cultural differences, to name a few.

Sales executives at global companies face very similar challenges when trying to manage a global workforce.

In a recent post on her Sales Operation Blog, Marci Reynolds provides 5 best practices process tips to Sales Managers striving to deliver results on a global scale.

  1. Hire top quality, dependable leadership across all of your global offices
  2. Travel and build “face to face” personal relationships with your team
  3. Constantly keep the lines of communication open with your counterparts
  4. Be flexible with the time zones – accommodate your different teams
  5. Build repeatable processes

Check out Marci’s post for more details on these tips, as well as different trends categorized by country.

Whether you are a Global Sales Executive, or a Global Venture Capital Investor, it is wise to follow these tips to keep your business partners engaged, and your returns high.