Behind the Scenes with the Facebook Release Engineering Team

by Ars Technica

Want to know what makes Facebook tick? Take a peek behind the curtain for a glimpse of their release engineering team at work.

By now everyone knows the story of Facebook’s rise from dorm room project to the behemoth it is today. But as Ryan Paul writes in an article for Ars Technica, “Few know the equally intriguing story about the engine humming beneath the social network’s hood.”

Paul had a chance to see that story unfold first-hand — he was given exclusive access to Facebook’s release engineers, the people who set the narrative in motion, and front-row seats to their release of the company’s new “timeline” feature for brand pages. The resulting article is a window into the challenges, processes, and solutions that factor into and make updating and managing the second largest website in the world possible. To follow Paul backstage to see how the magic happens, read the full article here.

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