Be Judicious with Your Introductions, They Aren’t Always As Harmless As You May Think

by Both Sides of the Table

You may be eager to make introductions that connect your network, but it’s crucial to think before you unite.

The problem with introductions is that there is usually a level of inequality involved. At some point, somewhere, someone is extending a helping hand. And that can be troublesome for a number of reasons, especially if it’s a recurring theme. Although mutually beneficial introductions do exist, they are typically less frequent than their burdensome counterparts. And that is exactly what inspired entrepreneur and VC Mark Suster to cover this topic in a recent post.

When you’re making introductions, ensure that it’s clear why both parties are going to benefit. If not, explain why you think the introduction should take place, writes Suster. Otherwise, be straightfoward that you’re asking for a favor — don’t disguise it as a helpful introduction. For more on why you should be judicious with your introductions, read the full article by Suster.

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