Bad Customers—Who Needs ‘Em?

Every company wants customers, right? But what do you do when the cost of customer management exceeds value?

Get rid of ‘em!

Clate Mask has a list of 3 ways to avoid costly customers over at VentureBeat.

First you need to be totally clear on who your target audience is—there’s a chance these complaining and demanding customers, who could be eroding employee morale, don’t belong to the market segment you truly want.

Here’s how you know if a customer is worth renewal management—or if they should be ditched altogether:

  • Demanding but not loud or abusive to customer service: Renegotiate.
  • Demanding and loud, but still not abusive: Renegotiate and Listen.
  • Loud but neither demanding nor abusive: Listen
  • Abusive: Terminate immediately.

If the customer still won’t renegotiate in the above cases, go ahead and terminate.

To learn about putting metrics in place to measure the cost of a customer, check out the full story.