B2B Social Media: Are Salespeople Obsolete?

by Convince and Convert

b2b social mediaHas the emergence of B2B social media rendered salespeople obsolete? Read how the new reality affects your customer acquisition.

Greg Ciotti of Help Scout writes in Convince and Convert that B2B social media may have “killed the sales person as we know him (or her).” Ciotti quotes Ford Motors’ VP of Global Marketing, Jim Farley, who says that because customers can learn so much about a product or brand before even speaking with a sales person, reps must now find a new role. Ciotti says that this is nothing new to B2B social media marketers, who’ve known for years that “the game is different these days because now businesses must be able to sell to customers who potentially know ‘everything’ about their business.”

Despite this new reality, Ciotti remains convinced that the sales department is still essential, and with the emergence of B2B social media, “a memorable experience is one of the few things left that you have complete control over that you can utilize to create loyal customers.”