Avoiding Brand Blunders and Snafus

by Young Entrepreneur

Building a brand is a slow, grueling process with many steps.

It’s painful to watch a company do something – sometimes, many things – to hurt their brand. Yet so many companies in recent years have taken measures to shoot themselves directly in the foot. While there are companies like Enron and British Petroleum that really didn’t consult their marketing department before dismantling all of the brand loyalty they had created, there are companies that made brand-related mistakes due to oversights.

A prime example of this is Citigroup, which, in the not-so-distant-past, decided to buy $400 million in advertising inside a sports complex after taking countless dollars from U.S. citizens through the bank bailouts. Certainly, a knowledgeable consumer would be weary of a brand that takes money out of their pocket and spends it on advertising.

Once you’ve accurately identified and articulated your brand, it’s important to explain what it represents. Then, you must constantly live up to the descriptions you’ve placed upon your brand. Being proactive when it comes to this will keep you from making any blunders that could cost your image.