Avoid These Common Sales Hiring Mistakes


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In a post for the Sales Blog, Anthony Iannarino lays out several major hiring missteps, with the hopes that you’ll avoid them next time you need to add a new team member.

“You start hiring well by first avoiding the most common hiring mistakes,” he writes.

Hiring Out of Desperation

Iannarino says that one of the fastest ways to build an underperforming sales force and burden yourself with human resources nightmares is to hire out of desperation.

“Spend time recruiting the right candidates before you have a need,” he recommends.

Too Little Time Interviewing

“It’s a mistake to believe that you can learn all you need to know in 30 minutes or an hour,” he writes. Iannarino suggests investing lots of time interviewing the candidates, learning about them, and making sure that they are likely to succeed before you hire them.

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Too Much Focus on Experience

Many businesses, Iannarino says, make the mistake of placing too much emphasis on experience at the expense of other attributes.

“If you have the ability to train and develop salespeople, then look for factors that will later prove to be a greater indicator of success,” he writes.

Iannarino suggests asking if you can speak with some of their past clients to verify that they did in fact win their business.

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For more tips on hiring for sales, read Iannarino’s full post here.

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