Avoid Company Culture Crash as You Expand

by Fast Company

company cultureKeeping the startup-style company culture as you expand is key to maintaining an innovative spirit. Learn several methods for combating a culture crash.

Lydia Dishman of Fast Company knows that a dynamic, fun, and fast-paced company culture can be tough to maintain as startups expand. There is hope for companies large and small, however, and Dishman points to IAC’s recent acquisition of ad company Felix as a prime example. Instead of moving or laying off Felix’s 85 employees, IAC is keeping them settled in New York, since they’re not in the business of buying “up the tech” and telling “the founders to check their vision and values at the door.” Dishman writes that preserving company culture requires companies to “grow the staff, not the teams,” to encourage constant communication between new and existing offices, and to hire a culture officer to keep a firm eye on how things are developing.