Avoid Common Sales Mapping Mistakes

vickilynn by Allbusiness.com

Sales mapping, when done correctly, can help you streamline sales processes and sell more.

Every sales process can use some tweaking and the sooner you start mapping the process, the sooner you will be able to fix weak spots and sell more.

In a recent AllBusiness.com article, Charlie Alter of Bentbrook Advisors LLC, explains, “One of the most useful ways to improve your sales process is to compare how your company executes sales with a best practice in sales process mapping and then look for the gaps that are apparent.  The next step is to act on improving the gaps.”

When companies start the sales mapping process, they often make errors. Alter cites the following as some of the most common ones:

  • “Mapping details, but losing track of the big picture.”
  • “Focusing on the seller instead of the customer.”
  • “Mapping the process without showing how results will be measured.”
  • “Buying  somebody else’s “ideal” sales process.”

To help you avoid these sale mapping mistakes, Alter presents a step-by-step explanation for comparing your process to best practices, and ways to better execute the sales process. Follow the link below to this bookmark-worthy resource.