Tien Anh Nguyen

Director of Market Insights
OpenView Venture Partners

Tien Anh Nguyen leads the OpenView Research and Analytics team as Director of Market Insights. He is focused on leading market and product strategy engagements in areas such as target segmentation, marketing operations management, and marketing channels research with portfolio companies and investment prospects.

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Employee Recognition as a Competitive Advantage

December 1, 2014

With the competition for tech hiring and retention heating up, taking your employee recognition and motivation to the next level can help give you the winning edge you need.

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10 Hiring & Retention Metrics for Fast-Growing Startups

October 3, 2014

Does your HR tracking start and end with headcount? Here are 10 simple stats that can provide a much clearer picture of your company’s health and growth.

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Handy Tools and Quick Alternatives to CRM Data Analysis

September 22, 2014

If you’re a small team with limited time and resources these tools and alternative approaches will help you uncover actionable customer insights you can put to use now.

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