5 Ways to Build Your Company Like a Super Bowl Contender

With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner we’re highlighting five defining values of the championship teams and how you can apply their winning mentality to your business.

5 Ways to Build Your Company Like a Super Bowl Contender

The analogy between business and football can go on and on: The fresh-faced talent procured from the college ranks may mirror your promising sales reps. The fierce fight among the NFL’s 32 franchises to reach the Super Bowl may remind you of your own race for success against your industry’s most aggressive competitors.

With just two squads vying to hoist the Lombardi Trophy on Super Bowl Sunday, ask yourself, what can you learn from these conference champions?


Infographic: SaaS Operating Metrics & Growth Drivers

After the release of our SaaS metrics report, OpenView teamed up with the folks at KISSmetrics to illustrate some of the key data points.

SaaS Metrics Infographic

OpenView surveyed more than 160 SaaS executives and consultants to learn some of the key operating metrics and growth drivers for expansion-stage companies. Here’s what the KISSmetrics team put together.


10 Quotes on the Power of Being Customer-Focused

Is your business truly being customer-focused? Here are 10 quotes from top tech leaders that just might convince you to go all-in on customer experience.

10 Quotes on the Power of Being Customer-Focused

Take a second to consider this question: How much do you care about your customers? 

Not just “care” in the sense that you provide good customer support, do your best to respond to user problems, and occasionally incorporate buyer feedback into your product’s features. We mean really care — to the extent that you’re borderline obsessed with delivering a flawless customer experience.


Peer Review: Exploring Some of the SaaS Metrics that Matter Most to Expansion-Stage Companies

At the expansion stage, software as a service (SaaS) companies are generally working toward one of two common goals: fast growth or profitability at a sustainable growth rate. The problem, however, is that they often wind up investing more than they generate in revenue, making them unprofitable.

Important SaaS Metrics for Expansion-Stage Companies

The best way for companies to achieve sustainable growth is by having a finely tuned economic model that allows companies to minimize their costs and maximize their profits.


You Play to Win the Game! Sales Motivation from 10 Legendary NFL Coaches

Has your sales team hit a wall? Or maybe your reps just need a little sales motivation to reach their end-of-year goals? Look no further than these 10 famous quips from some of the best motivators in the world — NFL coaches.

Sales Motivation from 10 Legendary NFL Coaches

Let’s face it — we’re suckers for a great motivational speech, particularly in the context of sports or movies. Who doesn’t remember Al Pacino’s “game of inches” spiel in Any Given Sunday, Knute Rockne’s famous pre-game speech from Rudy, and Kurt Russell’s speech as Coach Brooks from the movie Miracle? If you don’t get goose bumps watching those clips, you may want to check your pulse.

It’s amazing what a few, simple words can do to light a fire under us, and no one understands that better than sales managers.


Keys to Building an Outbound B2B Lead Generation Team

Now that you’ve decided an outbound B2B lead generation team is right for your business, learn how to relate outbound lead generation to your model, set the right goals, and determine the right team size.

B2B Lead Generation Chapter 2: Building Your Team

Key Takeaways:

  • The two dynamics to setting the rights goals: Understanding the sales activity funnel and considering timing.
  • Pipeline goal, average deal size, and conversation rates are key to mapping the sales funnel.
  • To determine how long it will take to create a consistent pipeline and revenue, consider the hiring time, how long it takes to ramp up new hire productivity, opportunity time, and the average sales cycle length.
  • Use the market coverage-based approach and the pipeline-based approach simultaneously to help guide the hiring process.
  • Make sure your outbound B2B lead generation team works smoothly with sales and marketing.


Are You Dominating with Scrum or is it Dominating You?

Done right, Scrum can help every component of your business perform more efficiently. Done wrong, it can be a huge waste of time and resources. Is your business succeeding with Scrum?

Are You Succeeding with Scrum? Common Pitfalls & Solutions

In many ways, software development groups are a lot like professional sports teams.

After all, both are often under pressure to deliver results, and software development projects have a tendency to operate under incredibly tight deadlines — something that franchises like the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox can undoubtedly relate to.

Above all, software businesses and sports franchises share one very important quality — they both like to win. And whether those wins yield customers or championships, the only way to truly put your organization on track to be victorious is to ensure that every member of your team is performing optimally.


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Scrum One, Scrum All: Why Agile Isn’t Just for Technical Teams

If you think Scrum and agile development is only for technical teams, you’re missing out on a way to boost productivity and efficiency throughout your company.

Scrum for Non-Technical Teams

When most technology company founders think of Agile and Scrum, they tend to think of how those methodologies can be used to improve the efficiency of their software development efforts.

And while that’s certainly understandable, given that Scrum was initially designed to help technical teams build and release products efficiently, OpenView senior advisor and Scrum Inc. CEO Dr. Jeff Sutherland says that Scrum can actually be used to improve the work output of any team or profession.