Declaration of Independence: 8 Entrepreneurs Who Left Big Corporate Jobs for Startups

While a big corner office and a fancy title at a Fortune 500 company might sound nice, the truth is that some people just aren’t cut out for corporate life. Here are eight entrepreneurs who left corporate jobs for startups.

8 Entrepreneurs Who Left Corporate Jobs for Startups | OpenView Labs

On this day 238 years ago, a band of revolutionaries signed a document informing Great Britain that its 13 colonies would no longer be needing the services of the British Empire. From that day forward, those 13 newly sovereign states would instead opt for the risk (and potentially enormous reward) of forging their own path and creating their own nation.

Sound familiar?

Many of us dream of it — leaving the relative safety and comfort of a corporate gig for the freedom and exhilaration of a startup — but when it comes down to it, few are actually willing to put their chips on the table and go all in.


Executives: 5 Ways Scrum Can Make Your Life Easier

When most people think of Scrum and agile development, they think of software engineers doing funny things with Post-It notes. The truth is, Scrum can help transform the performance of any team, and the people who stand to benefit most are executives.

 Scrum Benefits for Executives | OpenView Labs

Whether or not your business has implemented Scrum, the likelihood is that you’ve at least heard the term bandied about in the office. Maybe the software development team is using Scrum to improve productivity. Or maybe the sales, marketing, and customer service teams have begun kicking around the idea of implementing it to optimize their efficiency and output.

Whatever the case may be, the reality is that Scrum can enable every team in a SaaS organization — from entry-level BDR reps to senior-level managers — to organically achieve a continuous level of improvement. And, maybe more importantly, it can also make the lives of SaaS executives who are in charge of overseeing those teams a heck of a lot easier.


5 Ways to Be Productive on “Leave the Office Early” Day

Entrepreneurs shouldn’t need a reminder of how important it is to get out of the building, but to celebrate national “Leave the Office Early Day” here are five reasons to duck out early and be even more productive away from the office.

Be Productive on Leave the Office Early Day | OpenView Labs

Here’s why “Leave the Office Early Day” should be every productive entrepreneur’s favorite holiday of the year.


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The #1 Priority in SaaS: 12 Inspiring Quotes on Customer Success

Just how serious are you about customer success? These 12 quotes from leading industry experts underscore exactly why it should be your priority #1.

The #1 Priority in SaaS: 12 Inspiring Quotes on Customer Success

In today’s rapidly evolving world of subscription-based software, if there’s is one thing that’s certain it’s that the power is the hands of the customers. Gone are the days of companies relying on customer acquisition alone. Retention and renewals are now just as critical to sustainable growth, and that means that in order to be successful, companies have to put their customers’ success first.

But don’t just take it from us — we’ve put together a collection of quotes from 12 of the industry’s leading experts on customer success, underscoring exactly why it is the new #1 priority for SaaS companies.


5 Ways to Build Your Company Like a Super Bowl Contender

With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner we’re highlighting five defining values of the championship teams and how you can apply their winning mentality to your business.

5 Ways to Build Your Company Like a Super Bowl Contender

The analogy between business and football can go on and on: The fresh-faced talent procured from the college ranks may mirror your promising sales reps. The fierce fight among the NFL’s 32 franchises to reach the Super Bowl may remind you of your own race for success against your industry’s most aggressive competitors.

With just two squads vying to hoist the Lombardi Trophy on Super Bowl Sunday, ask yourself, what can you learn from these conference champions?


Infographic: SaaS Operating Metrics & Growth Drivers

After the release of our SaaS metrics report, OpenView teamed up with the folks at KISSmetrics to illustrate some of the key data points.

SaaS Metrics Infographic

OpenView surveyed more than 160 SaaS executives and consultants to learn some of the key operating metrics and growth drivers for expansion-stage companies. Here’s what the KISSmetrics team put together.


10 Quotes on the Power of Being Customer-Focused

Is your business truly being customer-focused? Here are 10 quotes from top tech leaders that just might convince you to go all-in on customer experience.

10 Quotes on the Power of Being Customer-Focused

Take a second to consider this question: How much do you care about your customers? 

Not just “care” in the sense that you provide good customer support, do your best to respond to user problems, and occasionally incorporate buyer feedback into your product’s features. We mean really care — to the extent that you’re borderline obsessed with delivering a flawless customer experience.


Peer Review: Exploring Some of the SaaS Metrics that Matter Most to Expansion-Stage Companies

At the expansion stage, software as a service (SaaS) companies are generally working toward one of two common goals: fast growth or profitability at a sustainable growth rate. The problem, however, is that they often wind up investing more than they generate in revenue, making them unprofitable.

Important SaaS Metrics for Expansion-Stage Companies

The best way for companies to achieve sustainable growth is by having a finely tuned economic model that allows companies to minimize their costs and maximize their profits.