How to Do Video Marketing Like Wistia: Tips from Co-Founder Chris Savage

What does it take to be a video marketing pro? Wistia CEO Chris Savage answers the biggest questions about getting it right.

How to Do Video Marketing Like Wistia: Tips from Co-Founder Chris Savage

By now, you know the stats. Not only is video rapidly becoming the dominant form of online content (according to Cisco, video will account for 79% of all consumer internet traffic by 2018), it’s also proving itself as an extremely effective marketing tool (quick example, emails with videos receive a 2x-3x increase in click-through rates).

You know you need to start incorporating more video into your marketing, but if you’re like many B2B marketers, you’re not exactly sure where to begin (especially if you’re on a tight budget).


The 5 Must-Have Elements of a Modern B2B Website

Robert Mohns, Lead Strategist at iMarc, and Allison Boyajian, Marketing Coordinator at iMarc explain the most important components of successful B2B website design.

B2B Website Design: 5 Must-Have Elements | OpenView Labs

So you’re a B2B company and you’re redoing your website. What’s most important? Here are five critical elements that will ensure your website gets clicks.


Behind HubSpot's Sales Playbook

Building out your sales enablement resources? Find out what goes into HubSpot’s sales playbook, and the discover the keys behind their ongoing training and development for reps.


A key tool for any sales organization, making a solid sales playbook available to reps is especially crucial for teams that are rapidly scaling. Not only can it help boost individual rep performance by providing best practices, it can also ensure you maintain that all-important consistency in your sales process even as your team expands and evolves.


The Most Important Skill of Remarkable Sales Managers

There are many skills that a successful sales manager needs to have, but Pantheon VP Sales & Business Development Scott Crawford explains why one stands above the rest.

The Most Important Sales Manager Skills | OpenView Labs

Not every great sales rep is cut out to be a great sales manager. Just because you’re able to effectively close doesn’t mean you can effectively lead, and the fact is the qualities that spell success in each role are different.


Strictly Sales Episode 12: How to Get Past the "No Budget" Objection

In this episode of Strictly Sales, sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman continues his teardown of the most common sales objections. This week’s target: “We don’t have the budget.”

Strictly Sales Episode 12: The No Budget Objection | OpenView Labs

If you’re a salesperson, getting rejected is a daily occurrence. Yes, you have to get used to it, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it, or settle for every “no” your prospects throw at you. In fact, many of the most common sales objections aren’t as final as you might think. As sales educator Jeff Hoffman explains, with the right reaction, you might be surprised by how often you can turn any excuse into an opportunity.


The Secret to Better Sales Hires as You Scale

No one has time or resources to waste on bad hires — especially in sales. How do you sniff out the best candidates? Force Management Managing Partner John Kaplan shares a simple secret for ensuring success.

A Better Sales Hiring Process as You Scale | OpenView Labs

As a sales manager at a startup or expansion-stage company, one of your most important responsibilities is developing and maintaining a healthy pipeline of incoming sales talent. Getting caught short-staffed at the wrong moment can be detrimental to your company’s momentum and growth. Worse, making a mistake and bringing on a single bad hire in a key position can set your company back by years.

So what can you do to ensure great hires, even as you’re scrambling to scale? 


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B2B Marketing Lessons from a B2C Startup: Q&A with Greatist Founder Derek Flanzraich

Greatist founder Derek Flanzraich talks about the content philosophy that’s helping his health and wellness media startup achieve incredible growth, and what B2B marketers can learn from B2C brands like Red Bull and GoPro.

Q&A with Greatist Founder Derek Flanzraich | OpenView Labs

When Derek Flanzraich graduated from Harvard in 2010, he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to be. Out of college, Flanzraich took a job with Clicker Media (which was subsequently acquired by CBS), but the self-proclaimed lifelong builder says he couldn’t resist the entrepreneurial bug. So, in 2011 Flanzraich decided to follow his passion for health and brand building by founding Greatist, an Internet media startup designed to deliver high-quality fitness, health, and happiness content.


6 Uncoachable Qualities of Remarkable Sales Managers

There are many skills a sales rep can learn through experience, but there are also several that simply can’t be taught. Pantheon VP Sales & Business Development Scott Crawford outlines six uncoachable qualities to look for in your next great sales manager.

Follow The Leader!

Not every sales rep is fit to be a sales manager. Although there are certain skills most can pick up — like forecasting and pipeline management — there are also a number of innate qualities the best managers have that you simply can’t teach. In this video, Pantheon VP Sales & Business Development Scott Crawford breaks down six different qualities he looks for that a rep needs to have in order to be successful sales management material (including a fundamental love and desire to sell).


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