The Core of Any Good Content Strategy

NextView Venture‘s Jay Acunzo explains how content offers should be the one thing your entire content strategy revolves around, and shares his tips for creating and marketing them effectively.

Content Offers: The Core of Any Good Content Strategy | OpenView Labs

Think for a second about the all the crazy obstacles a startup needs to overcome to successfully execute a content marketing strategy: You need to think up enough ideas to sustain your publishing, while staying true to your company’s message and product, generate not just views but conversions, and stand out online in an era when all of humanity is more distracted and over-stimulated than ever before.

No big deal.

Now before I trigger a panic attack, here’s something to help you breathe easier: At the core of any good content playbook is one single piece of content you can create to generate both more content and better distribution and marketing: a content offer.


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The Importance of Defining Your Core Values

At the helm of a rapidly growing startup? Fantastic. Before you really mash down the pedal and start recruiting Monetate’s Ben Russell says defining your core values is a must.

The Importance of Defining Your Core Values | OpenView Labs

In the early days of a startup’s development it can be easy for founders to get caught up in the day-to-day scramble of launching and simply staying afloat. But once you start to gain traction, it’s important to pause (no matter how hectic it seems like things are), take a step back, and define your company’s core mission, vision, and values.


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5 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools

Before you get caught up in the countless marketing resources out there, make sure you’ve mastered these five content marketing tools.

5 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools | OpenView Labs

Have you noticed how many new companies have popped up in recent years with the aim of helping content marketers be more successful?

The resources available are endless: There are some companies that offer writing services and others that can help you with content management and content delivery. Still others provide services to measure your content’s impact or help you increase the levels of engagement that your content drives.


Strictly Sales Episode 6: How to Hire the Right Sales Reps

When it comes to hiring the right sales reps, there are certain qualities that separate the best from the rest.

Strictly Sales Episode 6: How to Hire the Right Sales Reps

If you’re at a growing tech company then you’re likely on the hunt for top sales reps — constantly. Of course, the only thing worse than desperately needing a new sales hire is dealing with the costs associated with making a bad one.


Be Wary of Hiring Reps on the “Sales Rebound”

How can you tell when a sales candidate is truly into you and your company, and not just looking to make a change? Sales management strategist Lee Salz shares three interview questions to get to the heart of their motivation.

3 Questions for Screening Sales Candidates | OpenView Labs

For a moment, think back to your dating days. In most circumstances, you rarely wanted to be the first person someone dated after they’d just ended a bad relationship. The reason? You’d be the rebound guy or girl — someone who was better than what that person had before, but not exactly what they wanted for the future.

In sales, Lee Salz says businesses should be wary of hiring sales reps with a similar mindset.


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Strictly Sales Episode 5: The Most Important Part of Your Email Sales Pitch

When it comes to making a strong impression, nothing has more impact than how you enter and exit a room. As sales educator Jeff Hoffman explains, the same holds true for your emails.

Strictly Sales_Episode5_cover

Want to make a strong impression with your prospects? Of course you do. Well, these days that means getting one thing absolutely right — a killer email subject line and a killer close.

In this episode of Strictly Sales with Jeff Hoffman, Jeff provides a set of email sales pitch guidelines that will help you avoid some costly mistakes and send emails that get responded to now.


5 Steps to Boost Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Satisfied customers can be the best advocates for your business, but how exactly do you win their support? CustomerSure Communications Manager Doug Ackerman shares five steps for winning customer loyalty and boosting word-of-mouth recommendations.

Boost Word-of-Mouth Recommendations | OpenView Labs

Leveraging customer word-of-mouth recommendations is the most effective marketing and sales strategy available to companies focused on accelerating growth. Of course, winning those customer recommendations can be a challenge.


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The Biggest HR Mistake Founders Make

Are you getting the absolute best value out of your HR team? Monetate‘s VP of People Ben Russell explains why founders need to treat the role of HR as a proactive (not reactive) function in your organization.

The True Role of HR in Your Startup | OpenView Labs

What is the role of HR in your organization? If you’re treating your people team as a purely administrative function, then you’re actually hindering yourself from optimal growth.


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