How to Conduct Win/Loss Analysis to Drive Strategic Growth (Part II)

In her previous post, marketing strategist Sue Duris tackled how to conduct the pre-interview and interview phases of a Win/Loss Analysis. In this post, she explains what to do once you have your data.

How to Conduct Win/Loss Analysis (Part II) | OpenView Labs


The post-interview phase is the most important element of the Win/Loss analysis process. During this phase, you will gain insights on how to actually improve your processes, and as a result, better achieve organizational growth. Keep in mind, though, gaining insights is only part of the picture.


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3 Reasons Your Next Hire Should Be a Millennial

Millennials often get a bad wrap for being lazy and self-absorbed. In this post, HubSpot Sales Director Dan Tyre and OpenView Sales & Marketing Associate CeCe Bazar offer three arguments for hiring millennials.

3 Arguments for Hiring Millennials | OpenView Labs

Editor’s Note: This article from Dan Tyre originally appeared on HubSpot’s Inbound Hub as “The Fallacy of the Lazy Millenial.”

This summer, colleges and universities across the country graduated a fresh new class of 20-somethings who are hot on the trail for their first employment opportunity. These recent college graduates are hungry, eager to make quick impact, and are working overtime to overcome two obstacles: A transitioning job market and a label that holds a negative connotation — millennial.


How #Social CEOs Drive Business for their Company

What do Richard Branson, Marissa Mayer, and Arianna Huffington have in common? Sure, they lead successful companies, but they’re also leading social CEOs. Marketing strategist David Meerman Scott explains how socially engaged CEOs drive more business for their companies.

The Power of Social CEOs | OpenView Labs

When I speak with CEOs about generating attention for their business through real-time marketing and sales, most ask me how to staff for success in their companies.

Very few CEOs ask the right question:

How do I become a social CEO?


B2B Sales Tip: It’s Never Too Early to Start Talking About Value

In today’s complex B2B selling environment, the best — and initially most difficult — thing a salesperson can do is determine how their product can specifically help prospects move the needle on their top priority goals. Playboox CEO and sales enablement leader Daniel Zamudio explains the keys to value selling.

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Editor’s note: A version of this post originally appeared on Playboox’s Prepare to Win! Blog.

Research shows that best-in-class companies — top-performing firms in terms of quota attainment, average growth, and deal size — consistently implement value-based selling practices at a far higher rate than average.


The Keys to Changing Your Sales Mindset

Are you struggling to feel confident with your new or existing sales job? Jill Konrath, author of the new book Agile Selling, explains why simply shifting your sales mindset can have a huge impact on your success.

The Keys to Changing Your Sales Mindset

Whether you’re just getting starting or you’ve been in sales for years, sometimes it’s hard to feel confident when walking into a room or getting on the phone for a sales call. The good news is there are simple things you can do to create a positive experience and generate positive outcomes no matter how the sale itself turns out.


Scrum Skeptics: How to Address Leadership’s Most Common Concerns

Scrum Inc. COO Alex Brown explains how to address one of the most common knee-jerk reactions from senior management when it comes to implementing Scrum: “We can’t do that here.”

Most Common Scrum Concerns | OpenView Labs

If you’ve ever tried to convince a skeptical senior executive to give Scrum a shot then you’ve likely experienced a fair amount of pain and frustration. In worst-case scenarios, it can feel as though you’re repeatedly banging your head against the wall.

Unfortunately, anti-Scrum bias can exist, and it’s often the byproduct of poor understanding or misinformation. Typically, it boils down to one of two concerns: Either the company’s product is too complicated to fit into a short Scrum sprint, or the business lacks the manpower to perform all the testing that needs to be completed in a sprint.


5 Ways to Combat Slow Summer Sales

Slow summer sales got you down? Cheer up — just because your prospects aren’t buying now, it doesn’t mean they’re not planning for the Fall. Sales expert Mike Brooks explains how the best way to combat a slow summer is planning for a successful fall.

5 Ways to Combat Slow Summer Sales | OpenView Labs

I don’t know about you, but two days before July 4th business started slowing down and after the holiday, it seemed to practically stop. We do have business, but the pace — the new leads and especially the urgency of the first half of the year — seems like it’s grinding to a halt.


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Strictly Sales Episode 8: How to Work Trade Shows

Sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman shares the secrets to getting big results from trade shows in this episode of Strictly Sales.

Strictly Sales: How to Work Trade Shows | OpenView Labs

It doesn’t take long to get burnt out and discouraged from going to trade shows. After a few long days of meaningless mingling in over-crowded convention halls, it can be hard to find to motivation to go to them. But that’s because you’re going about them all wrong. Luckily, sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman has some pointers on what to do to ensure you get the most out of the investment and come back to your boss with real results.