How to Build a Success Profile for New Sales Hires

Finding the perfect sales hire is a lot of work. Learn how John Kaplan of Force Management recommends  streamlining the process by building success profiles.

How to Build a Sales Hiring Success Profile | OpenView Labs

When it comes to sales hiring, many mangers may be basing their decisions too closely on how candidates have succeeded elsewhere, when they should be focusing on identifying strong indicators of success on their own teams.


Founder's Corner: An Open View into Mattermark with Danielle Morrill

Danielle Morrill, co-founder and CEO of Mattermark, shares the story behind her company’s vision and her tips for making it through the transition from early-stage startup to achieving rapid growth.

danielle_founders corner

This week we’re kicking off a new series in which we’ll be interviewing SaaS founders and CEOs to share their stories and insights behind what it takes to build and grow a great SaaS company.

We were excited to confirm Danielle Morrill as one of our first guests, since — like many people in the tech world and investment community — we’re regular readers of the Mattermark Daily newsletter. Danielle was kind enough to let us interview her for the podcast below. Tune in to learn more about her strategy behind Mattermark’s content, her thoughts on women and salespeople in tech, and her advice for entrepreneurs and VCs.


How Intronis Runs a Successful Voice of the Customer Program

Customer Success teams are on the front lines of customer engagement, and often have access to a treasure trove of customer information. In this post, Intronis VP of Partner Success Jasmine Lombardi shares tips for how your company can convert that insight into valuable action.

How to Run a Voice of the Customer Program | OpenView Labs

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch was famous for obsessing over customer feedback and intelligence, and driving his teams to do everything in their power to make those customers successful.

In fact, the now-retired Welch believed so strongly in listening to the voice of GE’s customers that he once quipped, “There are only two sources of competitive advantage: The ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition, and the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition.”


How HubSpot Scaled Its Sales Organization

Scaling your sales organization can be a daunting task. Find out how HubSpot Director of Training and Development Andrew Quinn made it happen by emphasizing new ways of thinking about the sales process.

How HubSpot Scaled Its Sales Organization | OpenView Labs

A lot of sales leaders focus on the numbers (as they should). But what they don’t focus on as much are the repeatable processes salespeople have to actively do in order to deliver those numbers. Andrew Quinn, “The Sales Doctor” at HubSpot, says his team has worked hard to figure out what the best communication methods are — from voicemails to emails to vocabulary — and discovered what it takes to scale those efforts accordingly as the company and your team grows.


Strictly Sales Episode 10: How to Make Assistants Your Allies

In this episode of the Strictly Sales podcast, sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman shares his tips for turning one of your biggest roadblocks into one of your greatest assets. Learn how cold calling gatekeepers can get you better results.

Strictly Sales Episode 10: Making Assistants Your Allies |OpenView Labs

As a sales person, by now you’re used to rejection. And one of the most common ones you’ve likely received comes in the form of a deflection from a gatekeeper. “They’re unavailable right now. Why don’t you give me your contact information, and I’d be happy to pass it along.” Sound familiar?


The Ultimate Guide to Startup Sales Tools

Looking for a leg up to fuel your company’s early-stage customer acquisition? Sometimes you need the right tools to win. Bowery Capital is sharing the very best sales tools their founders are using to grow their businesses and transform their results.

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Sales Tools | OpenView Labs

The folks at Bowery Capital have put together a fantastic guide to startup sales tools, and they’ve given us the go-ahead to curate it for our audience here. Dive into the list below, organized by each tool’s role in the go-to-market process. For the full guide and additional context behind its creation, head over to Bowery’s blog here.


4 Mindset Changes to Become a More Productive Leader

Boosting productivity always starts at the top. Discover why Scrum Inc. COO Alex Brown believes there are four ways leaders need to adjust their thinking if they want their organizations to be more efficient.

4 Leadership Mindset Changes for Scrum | OpenView Labs

Traditional leadership approaches and project management practices tend to favor top-down command and control, upfront planning, limited deviation, and executive-controlled visibility. In Scrum, the opposite is true for each of those things, which is why Scrum Inc. COO Alex Brown says software company executives must make a few big changes before ever implementing the methodology.


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Strictly Sales Episode 9: The Most Common Objections

Sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman shares his tricks for getting past the most common objections during sales calls.

Strictly Sales Episode 9: The Most Common Objections, Part 1

There are few certainties in this world. If you’re a salesperson, getting rejected is one of them. “Just send me some more info.” “We don’t have the budget for that right now.” “No thanks, we’re all set.” Most initial objections follow the same patterns, and we’ve heard them all time and time again.

It’s what you do next that sets top performers from the rest.

Over the next few weeks on Strictly Sales, Jeff will be discussing his top tips and tricks on how to counter the most common sales objections.